Employment and HR

Personnel and Employment

The University of Connecticut is a research institution of higher education. As such, the employment relationship is governed by a complex set of rules and regulations. Employment rights for UConn faculty, staff, and graduate students have developed from a variety of sources including collective bargaining agreements, University laws and by-laws, University and school and college policies and procedures, and state and federal employment statutes.

Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources provides leadership in the development, implementation, and administration of sound human resource policies, procedures, and programs that support the University’s education and research mission. Their goal is to be responsive to the changing needs of constituents, including employees, management, employee organizations, and other University or state-related entities, while advancing the strategic goals and interests of the University.

Human Resources oversees all personnel functions, including recruitment, search, and hire, New Employee Orientation, classification, compensation, and retirement or separation from the University. HR also coordinates Work/Life efforts and the Employee Assistance Program.


Human Resources – UConn Health

For labor relations and employment information regarding UConn Health, please visit the UConn Health Human Resources website.

Employment Benefits

University of Connecticut employees have access to a wide array of benefits. Human Resources assists employees in understanding these benefits and, for those that require enrollment, completing the appropriate forms.

Labor Relations

The Office of Employee Relations oversees faculty and staff labor relations at all UConn campuses. Employee Relations negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements for faculty (AAUP), non-teaching professional staff (UCPEA/UHP), and graduate employees (GEU-UAW). The Office provides the University community with direction and guidance on how to effectively manage relationships with the numerous labor organizations that represent the University’s workforce.

Leaves of Absence

There are a variety of leaves of absence available to employees of the University. Leaves of absence are specified by federal law, state of Connecticut statute, University policy, a collective bargaining contract, or a combination thereof, and can include Family and Medical Leaves, Military Leave, and the Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program. Please speak with your leave administrator for guidance. For questions regarding faculty Sabbatical or other faculty leaves of absence, please contact the Office of the Provost.


The Payroll Department provides timely and accurate payments to all University of Connecticut employees by following guidelines, policies, and procedures set forth by the University, the state, and the federal government. The Payroll Department manages time and attendance functions, non-resident alien taxation, federal and state tax withholding, Core-CT business functions, and other associated fiscal activities.