About the Handbook

This handbook serves to provide a user-friendly, effective, and transparent method for communicating the content of University policies and procedures. This handbook helps new employees and employees unfamiliar with specific University policies and procedures ascertain what relevant policies and procedures are and what offices to contact with questions.

Adverse consequences can result when mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge of relevant policies and procedures. A mistake made by a faculty or staff member who fails to follow appropriate policies and procedures can expose the university (as well as themselves) to legal liability. This legal liability, or the allegation of inappropriate behavior, can drain University resources due to the need to deal with the consequences of the allegations, and, if a violation of policy or procedure is found, both the University and the individual involved could be legally liable.


Collaborative Effort

Input is welcome and necessary to make this Handbook responsive to all. Each unit is responsible for communicating changes to the information within and should utilize the Suggestion Form to notify the Provost’s Office of changes to relevant information.


Use as Faculty Handbook

As of August 17, 2020, per a memo from Provost Carl Lejuez, the online Faculty and Staff Handbook is the official handbook of the University of Connecticut. Please consult the Handbook for any of your academic, employee, or University needs. Each year, the text of the current edition of the Handbook is compiled and archived in accordance with University record management procedures.