Code of Conduct

The Faculty and Staff Code of Conduct serves to guide the conduct of University activities in support of the University’s mission and is designed to serve three key purposes:

  1. To set the basic standards of workplace behavior that the University expects of all faculty, administrators, and staff.
  2. To state publicly the University’s long-term commitment to the highest standards of integrity in education, research, health care, public engagement, and service.
  3. To assure that faculty, administrators, and staff understand their shared responsibility for keeping the University in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

The Code of Conduct addresses education standards; research principles and standards; patient care standards; campus-wide standards; business, fiscal, and legal standards; and external relations and University advancement. These sections cover a range of issues, including scholarly integrity; human and animal research; non-discrimination and harassment; confidentiality; regulatory compliance; conflict of interest; proprietary information; and physical property and intellectual property, including data.